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Maddie Chenoweth dominated the Junior Jumper sections at the 70th Annual Pin Oak Charity Horse Show I, winning the Medium/High and Low championships aboard Caplander (pictured) and La Tonia, respectively.

Both horses earned the exact same ribbons this week: two blues and a second in the Classic for their titles.

Chenoweth, 17, of Houston, Texas, rides with Berry Porter of Brookside Pine Farms. Her journey with Porter began in the 2’6″ hunters five years ago and has taken her to a grand prix debut this winter.

Caplander, a 14-year-old Holsteiner, carried Chenoweth to the Medium/High championship at Pin Oak as well as second place in the $25,000 Great Southwest Grand Prix in February.

“We imported him a year ago in April. He’s done 1.60m in Europe, and he’s the best horse I could have asked for. He’s amazing, and I love him,” she said.

Chenoweth described “Capi” as like a puppy dog. “He follows me around and always checks me for treats,” she said laughing. “If something is scary, he wants to sit in my lap!”

It would be hard to mistake Capi for a lapdog, however, as the 17.2-hand warmblood presents an impressive presence in the show ring.

“He has saved my butt so many times I can’t even count,” she said. “I thank every day that I have him as my horse. He jumps me out of the tack most of the time. I just have to hold on to his braids and hope that I don’t fall off, but every time we go in the ring he jumps his best.”

Chenoweth’s goal this year is to continue on in the grand prix classes and qualify for the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships this summer.

“I want to travel all over and do the big prixs,” she said. “I’ve only done the grand prix classes in Katy. We’re going for Young Riders this year, and we’re currently leading the Young Rider B-team standings. We’re going for it, and we’ll see where it goes from here.”

Chenoweth already has next fall mapped out, though. She’s been accepted to Baylor University (Texas) and will be riding on the Varsity Equestrian Team.

In addition to acknowledging her horses for their winning efforts, Chenoweth also thanked her parents, Scott and Cindy Chenoweth. “They are amazing. They follow me around and video me, and I’m just so thankful for everything they do for me.”

Four Fillies LLC’s Con Chino Z and Elizabeth Adelson (pictured below) jumped to victory in the Medium/High Junior Jumper Classic.

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Chenoweth Claims Junior Jumper Honors